We conducted a workshop with 18 of our volunteers who will also be doing the program as early participants.

The workshop program was spearheaded by Cornelius and he talked about the vision, goals and the package of what our organisation has to offer as well as the duties of the volunteers. He further explained that this is the place where people solve their own problems with projects of their own choice. It was highlighted that the Nook model has no teachers, no facilitators, learning is practical and it involves experimenting. People are allowed to make mistakes and failing is viewed as success.

Ground rules and expectations were laid by Savvannah and the participants added some which include having fun, developing communication skills, learning amongst a few.

Ice breakers during the session.

Simbarashe introduced the concept of the tree of life to the group. He illustrated this concept by the use of a tree which had roots, ground, branches, fruits, leaves, bugs and fallen leaves. He further explained that for any individual to fully spread their wings and excel to greater heights in life the tree of life plays a pivotal role in making sure that occurs. The presentation ended by encouraging participants to make sure that they know themselves and their roots.

Different games played as an ice-breaker!
Key Lessons from the participants

·     As volunteers we learnt that the spirit of unity and oneness will keep us together and be like a family.

·     To appreciate and respect each other and also understand people’s attitudes as we come from different background.

Where to from here?

·     This was facilitated by Chengetai who tasked the volunteers to come up and write down their own goals then commence research on them. By doing so, it will help them gain the theoretical knowledge on potential projects that they can work on at the hub.

·     It was also emphasised that sustainable projects will benefit and impart skills that can earn a living from.

·     Another day for the Tree of Life and Team building activities will be set as  requested by the volunteers. Everyone will have the time to share their life experiences and help each other pass the phase that still haunts and affects them emotionally.

We are so excited about what the future holds at the Nkulumane Innovation Hub!

by Savvannah Smith

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