We simply cannot ignore the needs of the people around us.

We recently met families in need of our support. The two families are headed by single mothers who are sick and incapacitated to provide for the families. They depend entirely on donations from well-wishers.

One of the single mothers has two children a girl who is 8 years old  and a son who is 1 year old.The second mother has a 10 year old son. Both mothers are chronically ill and have challenges in raising funds for the medication and school fees for their children. Our team visited the family and distributed clothes and toys to the children.

Spreading Joy

The team also spent time with the children and their mothers and got to bond with them. The family was very happy to receive the clothes and the toys. The children were excited to have clothes, dolls, arts and crafts tools. The 10 year old son showed his gratitude and joy, he mentioned that most of the children in the community refused to play with him and that now he was happy to have his own toy cars to play with him.

SWIZIM Trust team was excited to take part in bringing joy to the two families. We look forward to supporting them in the future because making a difference is what we do.

by Savvannah Smith

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