The Nook centre seeks to equip less privileged people with livelihood skills and helping them to fulfil their dreams and aspirations hence promoting innovation. In light of this, the learners will be embarking on several early projects that includes nutritional gardening, poultry, detergents making, making torches, sewing renewable pads, baking, rabbit farming, pottery,

carpentry, building, beadwork, knitting, producing solar chargers and making fuel or battery powered bicycles.

The early learners will undertake nutritional gardening which includes growing vegetables such as green beans, garlic, green pepper, etc and rearing broilers and layers for meat and eggs respectively. These projects will equip early learners with livelihood skills and prepare them for self-reliance. The products from these projects will be used to provide daily meals for the learners, furthermore supporting the feed a child project which endeavours to provide daily meals to the less privileged children from the community.

The early projects will set the impetus to self-design learning amongst the learners and more so will provide the learners with an opportunity of working together. These various projects will go a long way inculcating innovation and creativity amongst the learners and empower them to find solutions for their own problems.

We are so excited to seeing this amazing work kicking off!!

by Simbarashe Dube

Psycho Social Support and Facilities Officer

Expert in Project Implementation