Child Headed Homes Support

Project Goal

Providing food aid to Child Headed Households (CHH)in the context of Covid-19

Target Group

Children below the age of 18 and heading homes.

Project Activities

1. Identification and verification of CHH.

2. Networking and collaborating with local partners to increase reach.

3. Purchase of food items hampers consisting of 20kg maize meal, 2 litres of cooking oil and 2 kgs soya mince.

4. Food distribution exercise with support of volunteers and local partners.


Zimbabwe is currently facing political socio and economic challenges which has adversely affected most of the poor people who are living below poverty datum line. The incessant droughts which the country has experienced has resulted in food

crises in the country. The poor have become poorer and more unable to adequately provide for their families. The impact of HIV and AIDS pandemic has left no part unscathed with children heading households carrying the heavy burden of providing

care and support to their siblings. The COVID 19 pandemic has exacerbated the plight of child headed households and incapacitated them making it difficult for them to provide food for themselves and their siblings. The continuous lockdowns in an effort to mitigate the spread of corona virus has adversely affected child headed households resulting in teenage pregnancies and untold sufferings in their quest to survive.

Child Headed Households (CHH) means of survival have been affected with lockdowns as they could not be able to undertake livelihood activities for their survival. This has affected their livelihood because most of them used to survive on meager income generated from their informal businesses.

The hyperinflation which is currently above 700% has seen skyrocketing of prices making it impossible for child headed households to afford basic food stuff and the covid 19 lockdowns has left them in need of food assistance.

The project therefore seeks to provide assistance to food insecure child headed households and this will alleviate their situation and meet their immediate nutrition requirements. The food insecurity inevitably requires child headed households to beassisted so as to avoid negative coping activities that may result in more children engaging in criminal activities, prostitution, drug abuse and resorting to live on the streets. Child headed households are vulnerable and can be exposed to corona virus as they hassle for survival.

With the help of our donors, SWIZIM Trust has supported more than 320 child headed households to date and we intend to continue raising funds and supporting as many as possible for as long as they need the support.

Please support this work by donating to our campaign or directly via bank transfer.

Account Name: Verein SwiZimAid
Account Number: 15-454383-6
IBAN: CH220900 0000 1545 43836
8000 Zurich, Switzerland