Sanitary Wear and Menstrual Health Education


Access to menstrual hygiene products is a major challenge facing women and girls in developing countries and is an aspect of water sanitation and hygiene and that is often overlooked. Lack of access to menstrual hygiene products can often mean that women and girls have considerable difficulty in going about their lives during menstruation and can be almost entirely restricted to the home both due to practical reasons and the stigma frequently attached.

Studies have found that girls in low-income settings miss or struggle at school during menstruation if it’s not possible for them to effectively manage their menstrual hygiene and close to 95 percent of girls miss school due to menstruation.

Safe accessible menstrual hygiene products have a considerable positive impact on women and girls occupational social and educational capacity. Moreover, despite numerous efforts to promote girl child education in Zimbabwe not much attention has been given in both communities and schools as the issue remains clouded in cultural taboos restrictions and unhygienic practices that further compound the health-related hazards for women and girls particularly in Zimbabwe.

It is against this background that the project seeks not only to educate the girl child on health and hygiene issues related to their wellbeing but most importantly provide sanitary wear to girls who inevitably require such support. Supporting a girl child in this endeavor will empower them and boost their self-esteem enabling them to fully participate like their male counterparts at school or in the community.

Project Objective

The project will make sure that sanitary wear is provided for in the community and schools seeing that the most places that are affected are communities and mostly schools. The less privileged girls attending the Nook centre will also be supported under the project. Menstrual health education shall be done to disseminate information and share related issues affecting girls and women.  The project shall involve working with community health focal persons, schools and relevant organizations in an effort to reach out to the less privileged girls and women.  Entire hygienic hamper that includes sanitary pads, a small booklet on menstrual hygiene will be distributed.$


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